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  We work with smaller lenders and their business is booming. The smaller mortgage banks have competitive rates, plus they will make subprime loans for those with poor credit history. It cost nothing to apply!

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    Repair Your Credit & Save Thousands! The interest rate you get depends on your credit score. With a score of 670 or more, you can get a coventional mortgage rate under 5%. With poor credit you could pay over 7.9%, plus an additional $80,000 Interest on an $100,000 Mortgage. Fixing your credit will solve this problem. Even with a prior foreclosure or bankruptcy, your credit report could be cleaned up to score over 670. This is the smart way!

    Credit Repair - Compare The Savings
    $100,000 loan (670 Score) 4.37%* $499 month
    $100,000 subprime loan 7.95% $730 month
    Save $83,160 on 30 year mortgage ($231 X 360)
    *Note. Interest rates can change weekly.
    Monthly rent on the same home could be over $900!

    Huge Power Bill? Cut Your Rates Up To 50%. Stop Getting Cheated!
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  • Nationwide Foreclosures & Short Sales! This is the huge directory of foreclosures. Most are owned by banks that want to unload them fast!
  • Hard Money Lenders List. The banks say no? Get Our List Of Private Investors Who Make Loans On Almost Any Real Estate Purchase Anywhere In USA.
  • Real Estate With No Credit Checks! Stop throwing your good, hard-earned money away on rent. Our instruction kit is cheap and easy.
  • How To Buy Owner Financed Homes Screw them greedy banks! You just need to find a property owner that is desperate to sell, and will carry the contract!
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